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About Us

Paranoid-Androids-On-Steroids (PAOS), FTC Team 20789 are in our third season. Each team member is a student at SAR High School in Riverdale, NY. Our team has four new members this year. In the Power Play season, we won 1st place in Inspire, 2nd place in Connect, and 3rd place in Think award at our events. We participated in the 10th annual NAC and are constantly trying to better ourselves and our community.

Abstract Background

What is FIRST?

For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology

First is a non-profit organization geared towards kids aged 4-18 with four programs. Founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers, FIRST teaches STEM skills to all who participate while encouraging teams to do the same. FIRST teams come from over 190 nations worldwide across 5 programs.

Centerstage Highlights!

- So far, we have nearly finished building our competition robot!
- Finished our fall library circuit

- Zoomed with 15+ FTC teams!
- Reached over 5k people on Instagram!

- Held a robot demo with Mayor Adams, Mr. Eric Dinowitz and Mr. Jeffery Dinowitz!

- Started our Sister Team Study!

- Posted 5 YouTube videos!

-1st place twice in Motivate!

-3rd place in Inspire!

-3rd place in Design!

-2nd place in Innovate!

-2nd place in Promote!
-3rd place in Compass!
-Dean’s List Finalists!
(last updated March 3rd)

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